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Tourism Brochure of Pingtung




The beach and the ocean are often the first things people associate with the word "holiday". When it comes to holidays in Taiwan, Pingtung is definitely the first choice. With the unique oceanic setting and perennially sunny climate, Pingtung is perfect for visiting all year round. Just looking over at the boundless ocean often has the power to fully relax and wash away all worries. The distinctive laidback southern charm and fine beaches in Pingtung also add to its appeal as Taiwan’s top holiday destination. This is an infinitely pleasurable side of Pingtung that no one should miss out on. So, whatever you do, do make sure your sojourn in the region also includes a visit to the seaside!







Some distance from downtown Kenting lies Wanlitong. Though the place is just a small fishing village, its pristine blue seas, innocent purity and serenity, ensure a venue that’s anything but ordinary.

Wanli Rd., Hengchun Township, Pingtung County




Star Sand Bay


Although the "star sand" itself is not as abundant as it once was, this tranquil, azure bay still holds ample charm for visitors. A gentle reminder for those lucky enough to wish upon Star Sand Bay: leave with your fond memories and ALL your refuse, so that we may all cherish this beautiful beach together for many years to come.

Daguang Rd., Hengchun Township, Pingtung County


Hong Chai Keng Fishing Port




Hong Chai Keng Fishing Port is a small fishing harbor on the west coast of the Hengchun peninsula. The area is also home to the biggest coral reef on the Kenting coast, and it attracts many visitors wanting to take in the spectacular underwater scenery.  This can be done with a ride on the special semi-submarine or the glassbottomed Baby Dolphin sightseeing boats.

Hongchai Rd., Hengchun Township,Pingtung County



Chuanfan Rock


Chuanfan Rock is located between Kenting and Ca pe Eluanbi , and it resembles a sailboat entering the harbor. Hence, the name of this coral limestone formation is literally translated as Sail Rock. Grass, flowers and shrubs on the rock accommodate many bird nests, while the coral reef beneath is home to abundant marine lives.

Chuanfan Rd., Hengchun Township,
Pingtung County




Longpan Park


From Cape Eluanbi, head north along the east coast on the Jia-E Highway towards Fongchueisha, and you should come across Longpan ("Dragon Rock") Park ─ a vast grassland right at the seaside. From this sweeping Pacific prairie, one can track the distant twists, turns and steep cliffs of the coastline. In addition, one can embrace both the splendid colors at sunrise, as well as the wonder of boundlessly starry night skies.

屏東縣恆春鎮佳鵝公路(台26 線)
Jia-E Highway, Hengchun Township, Pingtung
County (Provincial Highway 26)



With its mesmerizing golden beach and clear dark blue water, South Bay(also known as Blue Bay) is the most popular beach in Kenting. Whether you’re trying your hand at exhilarating watersports, mingling with the beach crowds, or doing some laidback lazing under a beach umbrella, South Bay is always the place to be.

Nanwan Rd., Hengchun Township, Pingtung County

South Bay





Little Bali Beach Rock


As the name implies, Little Bali is a coral reef rock that lies on a beach. With the various sections having different heights and depths, it’s very much like stepping into a fascinating water labyrinth. The topographical variability and scale of this reef also create breathtaking underwater views, not to mention the large number of tropical fish that keep explorers, snorkelers and bathers company.

Daguang Rd., Hengchun Township, Pingtung County







Fongchueisha ( " Wind blown Sands") is located between the two recreational areas of Cape Eluanbi and Jialeshuei, and it is where a very unique sight in the form of a "sand waterfall" can be found. This natural phenomenon is caused in part by the northeast monsoon wind, which blows sand from the Gang Ko river all the way to the top of a nearby cliff in winter. Summer rains gushing down the same precipice then carry the sand back down to the magnificent ocean below in flowing dunes; indeed something to behold.

屏東縣恆春鎮佳鵝公路(台26 線)
Jia-E Highway, Hengchun Township, Pingtung County (Provincial Highway 26)



Guanshan Sunset

關山位於屏東縣恆春半島西南方,古稱「高山巖」,海拔甚高,視野良好,由上往下俯瞰景色甚美, 夕陽西下之時,海面上泛起霞光,襯托珊瑚礁景觀,別具蒼涼之美,名列南台灣八景之一。關山夕照享有180°的太平洋美景,是CNN 票選全球12 大夕陽美景之一!

Guanshan is located at the southwest of the Hengchun peninsula in Pingtung and it has
been known as the "High Mountain Rock" since the former days. Its high altitude and ideal location promises visitors stunning views from the summit. This is particularly true at sunset when a glowing, and multi-colored ocean beautifully complements the natural splendor of its decorative coral reefs. All of those have earned Guanshan a reputation as one of the top eight sightseeing spots in southern Taiwan.

Promising picture-perfect panoramic views of the Pacific, no wonder Guanshan's on CNN's list of the World's 12 Most Scenic Sunset Spots!

Shulin Rd., Hengchun Township, Pingtung County



Back Bay



Somewhat different from the bustling South Bay,Back Bay is a quiet and beautiful little fishing village neighboring the National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium. Whether enjoying its shimmering sunrises or glowing sunsets, Back Bay's brisk west wind makes it the perfect place to unwind and clear one’s mind.

Houwan Rd., Checheng Township, Pingtung County



Xuhai Grassland

環繞草原一圈,約莫40 分鐘的路程中,可享受恆春特有植物的芬多精潤澤,亦可登高望遠,一覽牡丹灣及太平洋,秋高氣爽的季節,健行踏青,心曠神怡。

Xuhai Rd., Mudan Township,Pingtung County

When circling the entire grassland, which takes roughly 40 minutes, visitors can soak up all the antimicrobial phytoncides emitted by the unique plant life in Hengchun. Alternatively, visitors can also take a relaxing hike to the top of the hill overlooking Mudan Bay, a climb that’s particularly pleasant and refreshing in fine autumn weather.





因地殼變動、強風和海浪的衝擊,區內景觀形成各種不同的奇岩怪石,入口處為珊瑚礁,後半段則是砂岩海岸,猶如天然的地科博物館,素有「海神樂園」的美譽。山海交融的絕佳美景,是不可錯過的景點祕境。佳樂水有高達30 多公尺,由三條溪流匯聚而成的「山海瀑」,更是台灣難得一見的臨海瀑布。

Centuries of changes to the earth's crust, strong winds , and ocean wave shave scattered a variety of very peculiar-looking rock formations all over this scenic area.Picture rich coral reef at its entrance, and a sandstone coastline in the back, and you'll see why Jialeshuei is often thought of as a living natural geological museum, or indeed a "Poseidon's Playground". With its rare blend of exceptionally beautiful mountain and coastal scenery, this is definitely a little slice of paradise not to be missed. Jialeshuei's famous Shan-Hai Falls are formed by three rivers converging more than 30 meters overhead. Waterfalls in close distance to the sea are also rare in Taiwan, so have your camera at hand!

Chashan Rd., Manzhou Township, Pingtung County



Jiu Peng Bi Tou Ecological Park


屏東縣滿州鄉 Manzhou Township, Pingtung County

From the sandy beaches to tropical trails, the Jiu Peng Bi Tou scenic spot is full ofsurprises with rare plants and countless insects. It is also the site of the infamous Mudan incident. Upon reaching the highest point, the exceptionally beautiful grassland and valley below should also come into full view. Since this scenic area lies within Kenting National Park, all visitors are required to make an appointment in advance with the Administration Office, in order to arrange a guided tour starting from Jiu Peng community.




Xi Zai Ko Bay

墾丁國家公園南仁山生態保護區臨太平洋沿岸,原隸屬於海巡署南巡局的六三大隊,在滿州鄉屏169 公路東方,翻山而過直線距離僅 4km 的海邊可愛小灣,同時也是台灣唯二沒有公路的海岸線。溪仔口海岸有礫灘及珊瑚礁,除了海灣景色秀麗,人煙稀少,堪稱難得的大自然秘境。因隸屬墾丁國家公園,須向墾管處提出預約申請才能進入,由里德社區解說員引領做導覽及解說。

Mt. Nanren Ecological Reserve is part of Kenting National Park lying on the Pacific coast. Inside the reserve, you’ll find the Xi Zai Ko (River Mouth) Patrol Station, formerly the haunt of the Coast Guard’s 6-3 Patrol Corps. It is situated on only one of two stretches of Taiwanese coast not reachable by highway. To find it, simply head to Manzhou Township, crossing the mountain, then venture around 4 km east of the Pingtung 169 highway until you reach a lovely little bay with beautiful pebble beaches and coral reefs. Though it's a little off the beaten track, and remote, the sparsely populated Xi Zai Ko is one of the non-touristy destinations not to be missed. Since this scenic area lies within Kenting National Park, all visitors are required to make an appointment in advance with the Administration Office, in order to arrange a guided tour by docent from the Li-De Community.

屏東縣滿州鄉 Manzhou Township, Pingtung County




Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area

大鵬灣是目前全台唯一的單口囊狀潟湖,獨特的天然條件下,採用人工濕地的生態工法,豐富的動植物成了大鵬灣特色之一。 而鵬灣跨海大橋是全台首座可開啟式的橋樑,每週六、日和國定假日有開橋秀可觀賞。

Dapeng Bay is the only one-inlet lagoon in Taiwan. With its unique natural environment and wetland eco-engineering, the rich diversity of plants and animals becomes one of the features in the Dapeng Bay. Dapeng Bay Bridge is the first draw bridge in Taiwan. Visitors can enjoy the "bridge-opening shows" on weekends and holidays.

Datan Rd., Donggang Township, Pingtung County



Vase Rock



Vase Rock is located next to White Sand Fishing Harbor, and it's in an area rich in extraordinarily shaped coral reefs and diverse plants and animals. It's shallow-water beach and clean crystal-clear waters also make it ideal for snorkeling.

Meiren Rd., Liuqiu Township,Pingtung County


Preparing for a Surf Session


Waves and the Ocean: Inseparable Lovers Few sports bring people as much joy as surfing. You can, however, only truly enjoy surfing by staying safe and being mindful of your own condition. In addition, you should also have a thorough understanding of the basics, and be familiar with all the necessary equipment and gear.



Pay attention to the weather forecast

風圈籠罩時, 就應立即停止活動。

Even though the waves immediately preceding
and following a typhoon can be great for surfing,
everyone is advised to stay well clear of the water
when the storm arrives, and while it remains.



Make sure you've had a good warm-up.

暖身運動, 以免發生抽筋。

Prior to participating in any watersports,
make sure you warm up properly before
entering the water to avoid getting cramps.



Get to know your surf spot


In order to avoid danger, make sure
you've familiarized yourself with where
you're surfing, and with the type of waves
generally found there.



Wear appropriate apparel


While surfing, wear the right clothing to
reduce chaffing and rashes, to prevent
sunburn, and to quickly adjust to the water
temperature and stay warm.


12 Things You Need to Know About Surfing

  1. 不可以離開你的浪板。

  2. 等浪的時候,如果浪很大,要盡量保持位置在會被蓋浪的另一面。

  3. 初學者一般最常發生的情況是體力不濟,及不會選擇浪況和划不回岸上情況。因此產生體力易疲勞,及划不動情況發生。面對此狀況一定要保持冷靜,且平日就要加重重量訓練課程,尤其是臂力。

  4. 當你划向外海同時,迎面來了一位駕乘者,此時你必須立刻讓道,以策安全。

  5. 衝浪板拿著朝海邊走出去時,手上拿著衝浪板的角度要成直線,千萬不可把浪板放在身體前面。

  6. 衝浪板由外海衝回岸邊距離水深約30 公分時,請立即下板,避免衝浪板直接衝擊到石頭上。

  7. 衝浪板跟海浪在撞擊的時候,千萬不可用手去拉安全腳繩和衝浪板,以免手被拉傷。

  8. 衝浪時每個人在海上的距離請保持二個衝浪板的長度。

  9. 當你是初級的衝浪手,請注意下水前要檢查裝備,蠟塊打過沒、安全繩、救生衣檢查好,暖身運動做足。

  10. 衝浪起乘規定是以最靠近浪頭(最高點)的衝浪者起乘之後,旁邊的衝浪者都必須停止動作。

  11. 在海中衝浪時如果看到水母出現,或是被水母咬到,請趕快上岸休息。

  12. 初學衝浪手要加強手部划水訓練、體能訓練、腳部訓練、水中前滾翻憋氣訓練。




  1. Never leave your board unattended.

  2. When there are several people all vying to ride larger waves, stay clear of where the wave is breaking and avoid getting into other surfers’ way.

  3. Common issues beginners face are quickly running out of stamina, being unable to select a suitable wave to ride, and not knowing how or when it’s time to paddle back to theshore. Whatever happens, stay calm at all times and don’t panic. In-between sessions, conduct weight trainings to increase your upper body strength. This will help a lot toprolong and enhance your next surf.

  4. If you’re encountering another surfer while paddling into waves, be sure to move out of each other’s path for safety. Watch out for other boards at all times to avoid collisions and stay safe.

  5. When walking on the beach with your surfboard, carry it beside you horizontally. Do not hold it up vertically in front of you.

  6. When returning to shore, make sure you get off the board when you reach a depth of no lessthan 30 cm, otherwise the board or its fins might graze or strike the rocks or sand below onthe surface.

  7. When your surfboard is dragged towards the shore by a wave, do not attempt to hold on to it or to the foot strap and rope attached to it, doing so might hurt or strain your arms.

  8. While surfing, please maintain a safe distance between yourself and other surfers at all times. The distance of two surfboards placed end to end is generally recommended.

  9. Beginners especially should always make sure they have everything ready before entering the water. This includes checking all needed equipment, waxing the surfboard, firmly attaching and checking the safety rope and foot strap, wearing a life jacket, and doing a decent warm-up.

  10. Generally, the rule is to "take off" just as the wave starts to break. Note that once one surfer is on his or her feet, other surfers should not attempt to stand up or catch the same wave.

  11. If you spot jellyfish while surfing, or if you happen to be stung by a jellyfish, it’s best to stop surfing immediately and take a break on dry land.

  12. Apart from training to increase upper body and leg strength, beginners can also practice paddling, duck diving under oncoming waves, and holding their breath underwater.



Sources:Chinese Taipei Underwater Federation


Tourism Brochure of Pingtung

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